Futurecom 2016 – From 17 to 20 October.

During 17 to 20 October, CAS Tecnologia exhibited its products at Futurecom 2016 – Driving Digital Innovation at the Transamerica Expo in São Paulo.

The event, considered the largest and most qualified IT meeting of Latin America, it is an annual meeting and aims to bring together market forces, providing a stimulating environment for business development and networking.

With the presence of the most important Communication and Technology Companies in Brazil, such as Claro, Oi, Algar, Net, Embratel, Dell EMC, Ericsson, NEC, Nokia, Qualcomm, Tim and Vivo, CAS Tecnologia was present with its communication modules in Huawei booth, a chinese global leader in promoting ICT solutions.

National Symposium “Impact of New Laws on Environmental Sanitation” – October 7th.

On October 7th, Welson Jacometti, CEO of CAS Tecnologia, spoke at the National Symposium “Impact of New Laws on Environmental Sanitation”, organized by ABES – Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the Regional Chemistry Council Auditorium in Sao Paulo, SP.
The event brought together representatives of the government and industry professionals from all over Brazil to analyze and discuss the impact of Law 13,329, the Incentive Special Polity for Basic Sanitation Development; 13,303, known as the State Companies’ Law; and 13,312, which deals with the obligation of individual water metering in new buildings for the next five years.

During his talk, Welson presented to the audience the prospects for the future of Individual Water Metering in Brazil, showing the results after the systems implementation, such as reducing costs, sustainability and social justice – where each one pay for their consumption.

Welson also highlighted the results achieved over the years by providing individual water metering services to his companies customers and the future of the market, which still in expanding process in the metropolitan areas of the country – today are currently 34,000 buildings in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and approximately 3,000 with individual water metering system.

Rio Boat Show 2016 – 08 to 17 April.

During the days 08 to 17 April, CAS Tecnologia presented it solutions for the Individual Metering market at Rio Boat Show 2016 at Marina da Glória – RJ. Considered the largest outdoor boat show in Latin America, the event will present to the public the main news of the sector.

In total will be 120 exhibiting brands – the event will bring together shipyards, specialized industries, technology suppliers and other areas of the production chain.

CAS will be present showing to the participants their individual metering solutions for the nautical sector, especially due to the case of successful implementation of the solution in Marina da Glória and Marina Verolme – the telemetry installation project occurred in 5 restaurants, 34 shops, 107 seats and 5 piers site.

The Rio Boat Show will mark the completion of the integration’s construction of Marina da Glória to Parque Flamengo.

CAS Tecnologia at Utilities Telecom Council América Latina – 06 to 08 April.

From 06 to 08 of April, CAS Tecnologia participated in the UTCAL Summit 2016 – Utilities Telecom Latin America, which took place at the Hotel Majestic Palace in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina.

The 5th edition of the meeting proposed the discussion of the main problems and solutions by professionals from Public Utilities in relation to telecommunications systems and their applications.

Juliana Rios, CAS Product Manager, participated in the panel “Systems Integration in Smart Grid Projects and Smart Meter in Brazil”, addressing issues such as systems integration for different fields, DNP3 module for SCADA, Hemera platform integration with Iris and other MDCs, international integration standards and Brazilian needs that need to be considered additionally.

Workshop with Journalists at CAS Technology – 23 of March.

The 2nd edition of the Workshop with Journalists, Electricity edition, occurred on 23 of March at CAS’s headquarter in Mooca. With the aim to gather journalists from the electricity field for the presentation of new solutions developed by the team, the meeting gathered together the industry-leading media such as Brasil Energia, Eletricidade Moderna, Revista Construtores e Canal Energia.

With the participation of Luiz Hernandes, Business Consultant of CAS and Claudia Onoda, CAS Product Manager, it was presented two different talks focused on the development of telemetry and the Big Data in the electricity sector.

Building on the theme, Claudia brought to the public for the first time the presentation of Athena, the new analytical platform of CAS. Launched at the event, Athena is able to process a large volume of conventional or smart grid network data, allowing access to information that can support the predictive analyses, the interpretation of risks and the support for decision-making.

Energisa’s First Week of Solutions, Automation and Telecommunications – From 21 to 23 of March, Paraíba.

From 21 to 23 of March, CAS Tecnologia was invited to participate at the Energisa’s First Week of Solutions, Automation and Telecommunications, which occurred at Energisa’s headquarter in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

At the time, Welson Jacometti presented the talk “Metering and Automation Unity: Electricity Shortage”, which addressed the CAS telemetry solution focusing on loss prevention and energy shortages.

Were participating on the event the Commercial and Marketing team from CAS, who learnt more about Energisa and other supplier’s solutions for the electricity field.

CAS Tecnologia marks its presence at COP21 – Paris.

On December 7, CAS presented its solutions at COP21 – UN Climate Conference, held in Paris, to an audience associated with investments in projects that have a positive impact on the rational use of natural resources.

The BPI France, French Investment Public Bank, and the Brazilian National Development Bank – BNDES, invited us to share a practical case of development and preservation of natural resources in the Electricity Distribution, Water and Gas Market.

CAS Tecnologia is invited to speak at COP21 – UN Climate Conference

From November 30 to December 11, will be hold in Paris the COP21 – UN Climate Conference, which will bring together more than 150 heads of state to discuss and sign agreements that will minimize climate impacts around the world. Will also be present in different foruns during the event, major names of private and public sectors around the world, as well as international media and organizations focused on the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the planet.

BPI France, in a partnership with BNDES, invited us to speak about our sustainable solutions to Smart Grid’s Market. Our organization will attend the Climate Finance Forum.

Welson Jacometti, CEO of CAS Tecnologia, will present solutions developed by the company, within the context of sustainability, for water and energy consumption management by the utilities and customers, keeping the rational use of natural resources.

Among the presented solutions, the focus will be smart grid solutions and smartphone apps – already implanted by CAS in Brazil and worldwide – capable of identifying water and energy losses in real time, keeping both utilities and customers informed, providing an efficient management and the reduction of leakage and losses.

We are proud to be a part of this historic meeting.

Challenge move us.

We are dedicated to expand the technology borders and contribute to the construction of a sustainable world.

All About Energy – From 10 to 12 June, Fortaleza

From 10th to 12th of June, CAS Tecnologia participated in the 9th International Fair of Renewable Energy – All About Energy, held at the Terminal Marítimo de Passageiros Docas do Ceará, in Fortaleza.
Considered the most important sustainable energy event in Latin America, aimed to bring together professionals from the sustainable energy market to discuss, plan and share knowledge and experiences.

During the meeting, CAS Tecnologia presented the features and functionalities of the CAS Hemera Green Power, a CAS Hemera Platform Module. The module was created for companies focused in joining or expanding their business in the generation of renewable energy through continuous monitoring of measurement data market.
The event had the institutional support of Ceará Government, the Infrastructure Secretariat – SEINFRA, the Ceará State Development Agency – ADECE and International Government Agencies.

WAF – Workshop CAS of Applicability and Fundamentals – from 13 to 15 May in Sao Paulo – SP

In its 6th edition, the WAF, CAS’ Workshop of Applicability and Fundamentals, brought together professionals from utilities from all over Brazil. The event it’s a CAS initiative and took place at the Hotel Tivoli Mofarrej, in São Paulo.

Its focus is to promote the presentation of cases, products and solutions created to the smart grid market. The meeting, which is gaining recognition at every edition, promoted the exchange of knowledge and information between the utilities, presenting challenges and results acquired from the use of CAS intelligence in their operations.