Energisa’s First Week of Solutions, Automation and Telecommunications – From 21 to 23 of March, Paraíba.

From 21 to 23 of March, CAS Tecnologia was invited to participate at the Energisa’s First Week of Solutions, Automation and Telecommunications, which occurred at Energisa’s headquarter in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

At the time, Welson Jacometti presented the talk “Metering and Automation Unity: Electricity Shortage”, which addressed the CAS telemetry solution focusing on loss prevention and energy shortages.

Were participating on the event the Commercial and Marketing team from CAS, who learnt more about Energisa and other supplier’s solutions for the electricity field.

CAS Tecnologia is the 3rd Best Supplier of Grupo Energisa

Grupo Energisa disseminates information regarding the performance of its suppliers.

In the overall evaluation, CAS Technology achieved a performance considered EXCELLENT, getting 3rd position according to the criteria described in the Manual of Quality Management of Grupo Energisa.

Among the evaluated items, those items which gave higher scores to CAS Tecnologia were: Delivery Performance, considered superior regarding the dealine, ISO 9001 Quality Stamp, which reinforces confidence in the products purchased, Quality Performance, indicating that in 2014 there were no non-conformities or incidents recorded, Required Documentation and Quality of Service, rated as EXCELLENT regarding the readiness to give feedback and the reliability of information.