National Symposium “Impact of New Laws on Environmental Sanitation” – October 7th.

On October 7th, Welson Jacometti, CEO of CAS Tecnologia, spoke at the National Symposium “Impact of New Laws on Environmental Sanitation”, organized by ABES – Brazilian Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering at the Regional Chemistry Council Auditorium in Sao Paulo, SP.
The event brought together representatives of the government and industry professionals from all over Brazil to analyze and discuss the impact of Law 13,329, the Incentive Special Polity for Basic Sanitation Development; 13,303, known as the State Companies’ Law; and 13,312, which deals with the obligation of individual water metering in new buildings for the next five years.

During his talk, Welson presented to the audience the prospects for the future of Individual Water Metering in Brazil, showing the results after the systems implementation, such as reducing costs, sustainability and social justice – where each one pay for their consumption.

Welson also highlighted the results achieved over the years by providing individual water metering services to his companies customers and the future of the market, which still in expanding process in the metropolitan areas of the country – today are currently 34,000 buildings in the metropolitan region of São Paulo and approximately 3,000 with individual water metering system.