CAS Tecnologia is invited to speak at COP21 – UN Climate Conference

From November 30 to December 11, will be hold in Paris the COP21 – UN Climate Conference, which will bring together more than 150 heads of state to discuss and sign agreements that will minimize climate impacts around the world. Will also be present in different foruns during the event, major names of private and public sectors around the world, as well as international media and organizations focused on the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the planet.

BPI France, in a partnership with BNDES, invited us to speak about our sustainable solutions to Smart Grid’s Market. Our organization will attend the Climate Finance Forum.

Welson Jacometti, CEO of CAS Tecnologia, will present solutions developed by the company, within the context of sustainability, for water and energy consumption management by the utilities and customers, keeping the rational use of natural resources.

Among the presented solutions, the focus will be smart grid solutions and smartphone apps – already implanted by CAS in Brazil and worldwide – capable of identifying water and energy losses in real time, keeping both utilities and customers informed, providing an efficient management and the reduction of leakage and losses.

We are proud to be a part of this historic meeting.

Challenge move us.

We are dedicated to expand the technology borders and contribute to the construction of a sustainable world.